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Montag, 18 Februar 2008


Monday, August 22, 2016


Course on Diagnostic Neuroradiology


08.00      Registration open


09.00      Welcome address, S. W. Atlas and A. Valavanis


Topic:     Neuroradiology of the insula and telencephalon


09.10      The role of the insula in the evolution of the telencephalon and implications

                for neuroimaging, A. Valavanis


10.00      Neuroimaging anatomy and topography of the insula, T. P. Naidich


10.40                                  COFFEE BREAK


11.00      Function and dysfunction of hte insula, T. P. Naidich


11.30      Diagnostic neuroradiology of insular pathology, A. Valavanis


12.00      Embryogenesis and neuroimaging analysis of the cerebral cortex,

               T. P. Naidich


12.45      Discussion


13.00                                      LUNCH 


Topic:     Neuroradiology of brain tumors


               Special lecture:

14.00      Classification of brain tumors: pathology or genetics? P. Kleihues


14.45      Neuroimaging of brain tumors: fundamentals, S. W. Atlas


15.30                                COFFEE BREAK


16.00      On the behavior of gliomas as assessed by neuroimaging, A. Valavanis


16.30      Neuroimaging of rare phakomatoses, T. P. Naidich


17.15      Technology innovation in neuroradiology: trends and clinical implication,

               S. W. Atlas


18.00      Discussion


18.30                           WELCOME RECEPTION 

                              at the Foyer of the Lecture Hall




Tuesday, August 23, 2016


08.00     Registration open


Topic:    Neuroradiology of the cerebral white matter and its diseases


09.00     The architectonics of the cerebral white matter: as revealed by fibre           

              dissection technique, N. Krayenbühl


09.45     Application of tractography in clinical neuroimaging, S. Kollias


10.30                              COFFEE BREAK


11.00     Corpus callosum: embryogenesis and neuroimaging, T. P. Naidich


11.40     MRI of multiple sclerosis and white matter diseases, S. W. Atlas


12.30    Discussion


13.00                                    LUNCH


Topic:   Neuroradiology of cerebrovascular disease


14.00    Stroke imaging: current status, S. W. Atlas


14.45    Neuroimaging of the vessel wall: technique and clinical applications, T. Krings


15.30                              COFFEE BREAK


15.50    Intracranial heamorrhage: principles of imaging, S. W. Atlas


16.30    Diagnostic neuroradiology of cavernomas and of developmental venous

             anomalies, A. Valavanis


17.15    Brain AVMs: what the neuroradiologist needs to report, T. Krings


17.45    Intracranial aneurysms: what the neuroradiologist needs to report, T. Krings


18.30    Discussion




Wednesday, August 24, 2016


08.00    Registration open


Topic:   Diagnostic Neuroradiology of the skull base


09.00    Neuroradiology of the temporal bone, S. Kollias


09.45    Neuroradiology of the orbit, sella turcica and cavernous sinus, S. W. Atlas


10.30                              COFFEE BREAK


11.00    Neuroradiology of the nasopharynx and paranasal sinuses, S. Kollias


11.45    Cranial nerves: neuroanatomy of their intramedullary and cisternal courses,

             T. P. Naidich


12.30    Discussion


13.00                                 LUNCH



Course on Interventional Neuroradiology


14.00    Welcome and introduction, A. Valavanis


Topic:   Interventional neuroradiology of the skull base


14.05    Functional vascular anatomy of the skull base, G. Rodesch


14.45    Interventional neuroradiology of paragangliomas of the head and neck,

             A. Valavanis


15.30                                COFFEE BREAK


16.00    Interventional neuroradiology in intractable epistaxis and in nasopharyngeal

             angiofibromas, G. Rodesch


16.45    Interventional neuroradiology of vascular and neoplastic lesions of the

             cavernous sinus, G. Rodesch



17.30    Interventional neuroradiology of meningiomas and neurinomas of the skull

             base, A. Valavanis


18.00    Discussion



18.30                      WELCOME RECEPTION

                          at the Foyer of the Lecture Hall




Thursday, August 25, 2016


08.00    Registration open


08.00    Hands-on Workshop (provided by main sponsor)



Topic:   Intracranial dural AVF's and tumors


09.00    Intracranial dural AVF's: natural history, classification and the role of inter-

             ventional neuroradiology, K. terBrugge


09.45    Venous analysis of intracranial dural AVF's and its impact on treatment,

             G. Baltsavias


10.30                               COFFEE BREAK


11.00    Video workshop: Embolization of intracranial dural AVF's,  A. Valavanis and

             G. Baltsavias


12.00    Embolization of hypervascular intracranial tumors, A. Valavanis


12.45    Discussion


13.00                                     LUNCH


Topic:   Interventional neuroradiology of ischemic stroke


14.00    Cardiocentrism versus encephalocentrism in clinical neuroscience with

             special reference to acute stroke, A. Valavanis


15.00    Endovascular treatment of anterior circulation stroke, G. Baltsavias


15.40                            COFFEE BREAK


16.00    Endovascular treatment of posterior circulation stroke, K. terBrugge


16.40    Carotid artery stenting: update, M. Tanaka


17.00    Carotid stenting without filter devices, S. Husain


17.20    Intracranial atherosclerotic disease: current status of interventional neuro-

             radiology, T. Krings


18.00    Discussion




Friday, August 26, 2016


08.00    Registration open


Topic:   Interventional neuroradiology of brain AVM's


             Special lecture:

09.00    Topography and mode of penetration of cerebral blood vessels relative to the

             prosomeric model, L. Puelles


09.40    The angioarchitectonics of brain AVM's, G. Rodesch


10.15     A critical analysis of the ARUBA study, T. Krings


10.40                               COFFEE BREAK


11.00    Cerebral proliferative angiopathy, G. Rodesch


11.45    Partial targeted embolization of brain AVM's: concept, indications, techniques

             and results, T. Krings


12.20    Brain AVM's/AVF's in the pediatric population, K. terBrugge


13.00                                     LUNCH


14.00    Curative embolization of brain AVM's with video workshop, A. Valavanis


16.00                            COFFEE BREAK


Topic:   Interventional neuroradiology of spinal AVM's


16.20    Spinal vascular anatomy and classification of spinal AVM's and AVF's,

             G. Rodesch


17.00    Diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology of spinal dural AVF's,

             T. Krings


17.45    Diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology of perimedullary AVF's and of

             intramedullary AVM's, G. Rodesch


18.30    Discussion on brain and spinal AVM's


19.30                              THE ZURICH COURSE DINNER

                                     at the "Zunfthaus zur Meisen"




Saturday, August 27, 2016


08.00    Registration open


Topic:   Interventional neuroradiology of intracranial aneurysms


09.00    Aneurysmal vasculopathy and implications for endovascular treatment,

             T. Krings


09.30    Cisternal architectonics and its interaction with the aneurysm wall,

             A. Valavanis


10.15                            COFFEE BREAK


10.30    Natural history of unruptured aneurysms: update, K. terBrugge


11.00    Endovascular treatment of complex and giant intracranial aneurysms,

             T. Krings and G. Baltsavias  


12.00    Endovascular considerations in dissecting intracranial aneurysms, 

             G. Rodesch


12.45    Discussion


13.00                                LUNCH


14.00    Dissecting aneurysms of the cerebellar arteries: endovascular treatment,

             S. Husain


14.30    Endovascular conception of subarachnoid haemorrhage and the endo-

             vascular treatment of acutely ruptured intracranial aneurysms (with video

             demonstration), A. Valavanis


15.30    Discussion and concluding remarks



16.00                      END OF THE COURSE














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